Stylish Impressions are the Australian distributor for Candle Impressions Flameless Candles in the Asia Pacific Region. Candle Impressions invented the flameless candle, they established the industry and continue to be the provider of this premium product world-wide. With an extensive range of innovative flameless candles, we can uniquely meet even the most discerning décor needs.

Traditional candles have wicks and so do ours. Candle Impressions patented “realistic wick” design ensures you are buying the most beautiful flameless candle on the market.

Design Impressions is our exclusive consultancy service for event design, event management, exhibition stand design and corporate gift buying service.

Our offering is essentially all about inspiration. Everything begins with the creative idea – that mysterious, elusive and unpredictable commodity which will ensure that your next event is the one that everyone talks about and remembers.

Business Impressions is our business-to-business opportunity. Where you can exclusively sell and benefit from stocking Stylish Impressions Flameless Candles in your retail outlet. Candle Impressions, the original flameless candles are distributed by Stylish Impressions and are new to Australia.

To turn these premium flameless candles into premium profits contact us now on +61 (03) 9836 7511.